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Outrun inspirational porn (#43)

Listen on: Who is Paul? Paul Vugteveen is a type 1 diabetic from the US, who loves running to manage his diabetes. Combining his need to run with his day job, he started a campaign called “outrun the homelessness” to disrupt intergenerational poverty in his region. He...

Why you need to consider protein in your carb count (#42)

Listen on: About Hannah  This insightful episode is with Hannah Boëthius, a diabetes expert with over 30 years experience. After I got diagnosed, Hannah was actually the first T1Ds I found online, who was/is following the ketogenic diet. She gave me hope, when I felt...

7 Principles to Mindful Eating (#41)

Listen on: Mindfulness in diabetes research Welcome back to season 5!

 🎉 To kick of this brand new season, I had the pleasure to interview a very inspiring and forward-thinking woman about her latest diabetes research projects on mindfulness eating. Petra Hanson, a...

Low-carb, gluten-free Tiramisu

Try this ultra low carb version I personally loooove tiramisu and was on the look out for a low carb version for a long time. I tried so many and nearly gave up, nothing was really satisfiing. Then, I finally figured out this 10 min recipe with only 3 grams of carbs...

Keto Spicy Chicken Wings Recipe


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