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Science lies: Fake health foods busted with Dr. Stephen Hussey (#52)

Listen on: We are getting something,somehwere wrong According to old studies and official guidelines is red meat bad, vegetable oil good and cholesterol harmful. Today, research is proving the opposite. But how and why has it been wrong? Is science corrupt? And what...

London goes keto – start-up impacts the way people eat (#51)

Listen on: Welcome to season 6! What a beautiful journey it has been to spend the last 12 months producing the show and introducing you to so many fascinating guest speakers and sharing in many solo episodes my knowledge with you. 50 episodes are already available for...

Because community is key (#50)

Listen on: Episode Nr. 50 This is the 50th episode of the podcast!  It all started with the podcast 1 year and 2 months ago on the 22nd March 2020 in my tiny living room. I would have never dreamed, that the podcast will become such a big platform and bringing...

Banning ads for unhealthy foods that target kids in the UK (#49)

Listen on: About the episode This week’s episode is about banning unhealthy and making healthy foods more accessible to everyone for a generally healthier society. I am pleased to interview Dr. Paul Coleman, a Public Health Registrar and Honorary Research Fellow at...

Can a person be healed, but not cured? (#48)

Listen on: About the episode This week I spoke with the type 1 diabetic and stand up comedienne Laura Menniger from the US. She is founder of LIVabetes, an organisation whose mission is to raise hope, awarness and one million smiles for diabetes research. As a...

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