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Go with us in Season 4 to Burma, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Uganda, Greece, Zimbabwe, UK, Germany and US by travelling your mind from the comfort of your home, in times when real life travel is challenging for all of us!

This is your weekly podcast, featuring health-care professionals,
researchers in the field of diabetes and mental health,
personal biohacking tricks and experiences
from other type 1s from the HappyTribe community.

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Running diabetes on autopilot (#36)

Running diabetes on autopilot (#36)

Listen on:“Understanding how to experiment, is probably more important than understanding everything on day one. ” - Sid Sharma -Minimising daily decision makingHow can you possibly spend less time managing your diabetes and minimising decision making on a daily...

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Mountain Trail Marathons in South Africa (#34)

Mountain Trail Marathons in South Africa (#34)

Listen on:Who is Jono?Jono Le Roux is a passionated trial runner from South Africa. This year, Jono is getting ready for the Mountain Marathon Series, consisting of 8 events of each 42 km across the hills of South Africa ( We chat...

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Ketosis vs. ketoacedosis (#32)

Ketosis vs. ketoacedosis (#32)

Listen on:Know the differenceKeto, ketons, ketosis, ketoacidosis, ketogenic diet. Why are "keto" words popping up everywhere and what do they mean? In this weeks episode I explain in debth all those key words, while I would like to focuse in this article on how...

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