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Because community is key (#50)

22 June 2021

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Episode Nr. 50

This is the 50th episode of the podcast!

 It all started with the podcast 1 year and 2 months ago on the 22nd March 2020 in my tiny living room. I would have never dreamed, that the podcast will become such a big platform and bringing together experts in the field of nutrition, medicine, science, diabetes and patient advocacy. The podcast is diverse and colourful, building bridges and giving people from 15 countries and 6 of 7 continents a greater voice (Brazil, UK, Germany, US, Nigeria, Australia, Spain, Mexico, Uganda, Canada, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Burma, Switzerland, Sweden and Poland). I did not yet find someone from the 7th continent Antartica, if you know someone, let me know 😉

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The show will be on a short break to prepare for season 6 and be back on 21st July 2021.

About the episode

After my diagnosis with T1D, I came to realise how important community is. It was the driving force behind my podcast: creating and supporting the diabetes and lowcarb community with experience and expertise. I only recently found out about an app, not mine, which has this value of community at heart too. It is called the Diabetes App and I interviewed Elizabeth, who helps running the app. I asked her to give us a better picture on what it is all about. It is a free social networking platform dedicated to educating and empowering the diabetic community. On The Diabetes App, users can connect and receive community support from people with the same type of diabetes, similar lifestyle, and experiences. Tune into the interview and share it with your friends!

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Yours Julia

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