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London goes keto – start-up impacts the way people eat (#51)

19 July 2021

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About the episode

This episode is with Simon Treadway, an award winning chef, who was ran restaurants in Notting Hill and East London, UK and has worked in Dubai, Puerto Rico, Miami and Spain. Together with his lovely wife Esther and two other founders, they started “Keto Way” at the beginning of 2021. It is a start-up, which makes following the ketogenic diet easy by delivering keto menus to your door step.

Even if you are not living in the UK, this episode is for you as we speak about their personal stories of reversing type 2 diabetes and loosing over 15 kilos on keto. We also discuss their mission and global advocacy. Simon and Esther take us on a culinary journey sharing insights to what makes their dishes tasteful and how you can follow a healthy ketogenic lifestyle with ease.


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