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Sharing the highs and lows of diabetes through illustraion (#35)

23 February 2021

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Don’t be scared of scares.
They just tell
stories that are hard to hear.

– Nicole –

What is the episode about?

Today’s episode is with the digital creator Nicole from Indianapolis, USA. She is a type 1 diabetic artist, who shares the highs and lows of diabetes through illustration by mainly portraying other T1Ds.

Nicole and I talk about, how she got started, where she gets her inspiration from and, at the very end, how you can get your picture illustrated. Her work is truly empowering and her slogans down to earth and real.

I am planning to run a giveaway on my instagram profile soon, so you can get your personal picture illustrated. Definitely keep an eye out for that on instagram!

Surround yourself with people
who get it

– Nicole –

The average diabetic spends
520 hours/year
recovering from low blood sugars

– Nicole –


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All illustrations are by Nicole.

And you?!

If you are struggling or want to take your health to the next level,
then let’s do it together!
Drop me a message!

Your input and ideas help massively to keep my work alive and the love spreading!

You are a gift to this world, now go out and shine!


Yours Julia

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