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Mountain Trail Marathons in South Africa (#34)

16 February 2021

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Who is Jono?

Jono Le Roux is a passionated trial runner from South Africa. This year, Jono is getting ready for the Mountain Marathon Series, consisting of 8 events of each 42 km across the hills of South Africa ( We chat about life in the outdoors, him having been a vegan and finding his sweet spot with a fresh, unprocessed mixed diet. He shares:

🏆 how he prepares for competitions as a type 1 diabetic

🏆 how he fuels himself and avoids hypoglyceamia during intense workouts

🏆 his approach to keep insulin consumption low through working with the body

🏆 his attitude towards the HbA1c hype

Life is always better

– Jono Le Roux –

In the last 3,5 years I have been through maybe 3 fast acting pens.

– Jono Le Roux –

It’s not the highs I am worried about,
it’s the lows.

– Jono Le Roux –

What you have eaten eaten
even 2-3 days prior to the event
affect our glucose levels as well

– Jono Le Roux –


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