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Can a person be healed, but not cured? (#48)

8 June 2021

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About the episode

This week I spoke with the type 1 diabetic and stand up comedienne Laura Menniger from the US. She is founder of LIVabetes, an organisation whose mission is to raise hope, awarness and one million smiles for diabetes research. As a motivational humorist, Laura is assisting others to lead more empowered lives, making peace with an invisable enemy and finding healing through humor. She draws on her medical background of over eight years as a surgical technologist and ninteen years study in the healing arts.

For me that was the greater challenge,
to make peace with an enemy, that has outposts in your body.

Laura Menniger

Laura, also called the Glucose Goddess, shares her own healing journey with us and how she went from “death, dying and DIEabetes” to “life, live and LIVabetes”, cause “DIEabetes is a disease and LIVabetes is an attitude.”

Diabetes exposes on 2 of life most precious commodity
and that is time and freedom.

Laura Menniger


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You are a gift to this world, now go out and shine!


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