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Loving-kindness mantra for more compassion (#54)

1 September 2021

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Science-backed benefits

Meditation is such a powerful tool, a wonderful bio- and lifehack. Research shows that Loving-Kindness meditation has tremendous benefits from greater well-being to providing relief from illness and improving emotional intelligence.

For me, meditation is the one thing, that let’s me calm down my mind, reconnect to my heart, release and relax. And it helps me manage my type one diabetes better, by balancing my blood glucose levels.

Here are 7 science-backed reasons to practice todays specific meditation called Loving-kindness.
This particular meditation is proven to:

Increases positive emotions and decreases negative emotions

Decreases Migraines, Chronic Pain, PTSD and chizophrenia-spectrum disorders

Activates empathy and emotional processing in the brain

Increases gray matter volume

Increases compassion, empathy

Increases social connection by decreases your bias towards others

Decreases self-criticism and negative self-talk

What is a mantra?

Loving-Kindness meditation, also called Metta Bhavana in Buddhism, uses a sequence of mantras to offer well-wishes to different people in your life. Instead of focusing on the breath, which most meditation techniques do, we use the silent repetition of certain phrases. In the loving-kindness meditation those phrases are an offering to someone—a gift-giving. This meditation focuses on developing feelings of kindness, goodwill and warmth towards others.

Loving-kindess mantra script

The loving-kindness meditation sequence begins with yourself and then expands outwards. The sequence of those for phrases are being repeated for 6 different beings. Like the internet connects people with peole, Loving-kindness mantra connects being with being. Repeat the following phrases silently. You start by focusing on yourself:


If you find this first sequence focusing on yourself difficult because of harmful self-talk, skip it until you feel ready. It is not always easy to love oneself, but loving oneself makes loving others easiest. Offer love to yourself first before you offer love to others.
May I be safe
May I be happy
May I be healthy

May I live with ease


Loved one
Think of someone or something you identify as the definition of love. It can be a person, pet, plant – whatever comes to your mind. and repeat
May YOU be safe
May YOU be happy 

May YOU be healthy

May YOU live with ease


A Friend
The third person is a friend, or someone you are close with. You repreat silently the mantra above starting with:
May YOU be safe …


A Neutral Person

The fourth person is a neutral person, someone you feel neutral about such as a seller in a shop you often go to. Repeat the mantra.


A Difficult Person
The fifth person is someone you find difficult. Not your worst enemy, but rather someone who I have minor disagreements or feel irritated by. Repreat the mantra.


All Beings

The final sequence of the loving-kindness meditation focuses on offering love and well-wishes to all. This can include people all over the world and the whole word itself with all it’s beauty. Plants, animals, stars, the universe…all there is and what comes to you in this moment. Embrace all. Repreat silently:

May you ALL be safe
May you ALL be happy
May you ALL be healthy
May you ALL live with ease


Music by Steffen Grell

And you?!

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You are a gift to this world, now go out and shine!


Yours Julia

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