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The struggle of being homosexual and diabetic (S2E5 #15)

9 September 2020

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We are more than T1D

This topic is dear to me and I wanted to make an episode about it since quite a long time, but I could not see how a topic on LGBT+ could nicely be linked with T1Ds. But then I met Raquel, who told me her strong story about abuse, drug addiction, a dad, who never supported her and a mum, who told her, that being “a lesbian is a disease for life”, just like T1D is which she would get shortly after coming out of the closet.

But as strong as her story is, it also reflects her strong personality, humour and that T1D is often by far not the only thing we are dealing with in life. Therefore it should also not be the only thing we are seen as.

In the podcast episode we also talked about her supportive sister and that we all need a support network. A colourful and uplifting community open for everyone to recharge and receive love!

Raquels story really moved me and it is an honour to have interviewed her on her very intimate life!


This article is for you
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    Key takeaways from Raquel

    Being lesbian and T1D is something I did not choose!

    T1D is like a rollercoaster, a ride, I have not payed for!

    It is worse living a life, which is not yours, than having this disease!

    My ostrich syndrome saved me many times (head into the soil)!

    Having a hypo is like having a cheap hangover without alcohol!

    I despite carbs, cause eating carbs is a vicious circle of ups and downs!

    The T1D community was the best, which happened to me in lockdown!


    T1D is….. SHIT  

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