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When art empowers (S1E5 #5)

17 June 2020

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T1D and art

For todays episode I spoke with Katie Lamb, an art history student at the University of Birmingham, UK, who is using her talent to bring more colour to the T1D community and share important messages about living with T1D by portraying people.

Her art, had only recently been chosen to be on the cover of the National Paediatric Diabetes Audit UK. So in this episode we spoke briefly about her childhood and teenage years, as Katie got diagnosed when being only 2 years old and then dive right into her art and her beautiful contribution to the empowerment of T1Ds.

Do follow Katie on her instagram and simply send her a message, if you want your portrait to be drawn:


 “The #bodypositive movement is very important.”

 “Anything that is created for a purpose inspires me.”

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