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A way to achieve healthy blood sugars (S2E9 #19)

6 October 2020

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Who is Leah?

Leah is an expert on the low-carb diet. She lived in Germany for some time before moving back to the US, where she recently had a baby. She follows a low-carb diet with an A1c between 4.5-4.9%.

But that was not always the case. For nearly 11 years, it was normal for her to have a A1c of 7% or higher. She says: “I was doing everything my doctor told me to do, but with the same poor results.”

She was very frustrated and eventually discovered the low-carb diet and learned everything about it. She even continued the low-carb lifestyle during her pregnancy and maintained a great A1C by consuming 25-30g of carbs per day. Today, she is full of resources on low-carb and the ketogenic diet, sharing the word, that achieving healthy blood sugars can be possible!

“If someone would have told me a few years ago
that achieving normal blood sugars was possible,
I would have laughed in their face
and probably gotten angry.”


has been

a life saver

    It is not about saying “no” and restricting yourself to healthy food,

    you are literally restricting yourself from foods that have no nutritional value.

      More resources

      This is a famous book Leah and I often refer to. It is by Dr. Bernstein. A famous man, who got diagnosed as a child with T1D. He is an engineer and a medical doctor (MD). Quickly he realised, that the standard of care for diabetes with high carb recommendations was killing him over time. Today, he is with over 70 years the prove, that the low-carb lifestyle does not just work but can make one grow old AND healthy.
      Check out his youtube channel, where he continues sharing how to achieve healthy blood sugars.

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