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Keto sweets with a 1,5 diabetic baker (S2E1 #11)

12 August 2020

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What is 1,5 diabetes?

It is a form of diabetes also called Latent autoimmune diabetes in adults (LADA) and is defined as initially non-insulin requiring diabetes diagnosed in people over 30 years with antibodies to GAD – glutamic acid decarboxylase. People with LADA often do not need insulin for several months, up to a year and are therefore often misdiagnosed with type 2 diabetes. This type of diabetes makes up about 6-10% of diabetes cases and 25% of those diagnosed younger than 35 years.

How does eating sweets on keto work?

It took me a while to fully understand how I can eat sweets on keto, because I really did not want to eat sugar. And when I checked the nutritional values of sweeteners such as erythritol, I read:

100g sweetener = 100g carbs

Just like sugar I though, so no benefits for a diabetic 🤷🏽‍♀️

Not quite! These carbs are metabolised differently than sugar and have a glycemic index of 0. 

What does this mean for carb counting?

Read more about the importance of sweeteners for carb counting and keto baking in the free download on top of this page! With the download you will also get the recipe for the Pink Chocolate Cheese Cake below! 

Pink Chocolate Cheese Cake

What are other secret ingredients in keto baking?

Here is what Jessica shared with me:

Psyllium husk
is pure fibre and gives a binding/thickening effect and is therefore great for e.g. keto pies.

Xanthan gum
can also be used for binding and thickeing effects

Why do non diabetics follow keto?

There are many reasons, Jessica told me. Some of them are:

– wanting a healthier lifestyle
– hep counteract other autoimmune illnesses
– help with gut issues
– avoid gluten and sugar 

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