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Paul’s experience with keto (S3E2 #22)

9 November 2020

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Who is Paul?

This week we travel to Lindsay, Canada to talk with Paul Jolicoeur. Paul followed the standard western diet for 2 years, unable to achieve more stable blood sugars. Intrigued by a T1D friend, who was already following the ketogenic diet, he started with keto. Within the next months he lost 56 lbs/25 kilos and dropped his HbA1c from 7 to < 5.8.

He says: “If you can keep blood glucose controlled, you can completely mitigate almost everything about diabetes, which is supposed to kill you”. He further believes that “T1D is an opportunity to take responsibility for your own health“.

In this episode Paul and I explore:
💙 the fear of ketons
💙 loosing 25 kilos
💙 how to start keto…
…see the 5 tips below!

5 Tips to start keto

1. Don’t be concerned about being in ketosis
2. Focus on whole foods
3. Focus on
carbs not calories
4. Connect with other diabetics doing keto
5. Don’t expect your doctor to be your keto champion!

For Paul it’s a simple math equation:

The more carbs I eat,
the more insulin I inject
and the greater the chance
of me
over correcting and going low
or not doing enough,
and going high.

– Paul Jolicoeur

The fear of ketons
is just some
– Paul Jolicoeur


All pictures in this posts are from Paul.
Get in touch with him here:

And you?!

You are not alone in this. I have been there.
Back then, I wished to have someone to talk to, make things easier and enjoyable.
Back then, I wished for the support I provide today.

If you are struggling or want to take your health to the next level,
then let’s do it together!
Drop me a message!

Your input and ideas help massively to keep my work alive and the love spreading!

You are a gift to this world, now go out and shine!


Yours Julia

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