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Why me? Living with 4 chronic conditions (S3E1 #21)

3 November 2020

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Welcome to the kick off episodes of season 3! 
It’s so wonderful to see you again and share more stories, knowledge and free resources with you!

Let’s go on a journey together around the world!

The current regulations lead to many of us being stuck at home and this can be tough. I made it my mission to add some colours by taking you on a journey around the world. I invited speakers, who will take you to their native country, share their culture and their world with diabetes with you. Tune into what they have to say and learn about their projects, what they stand up and fight for to create a better world for us all. It is a journey which starts in… 

Season 3

 …Australia, Uganda, Mexico, Zimbabwe, Germany, Burma, Canada, USA and UK, 
travelling to many other countries.

Thanks to all of you for being part of this journey, meeting those beautiful podcast guests, getting to know them, learning and thriving together as a whole, to smile and laugh when times are tough living with a chronic illness!

I want you to know, you are all a gift to this world and I love you very much!

Episode 1, Season 3

Why me? 
Living with 4 chronic conditions

It is not your fault.
Chronic illness is something,
that happens to you AND your body.
Our body didn’t create it.
We did not deserve it.
And our body is doing everything to heal
cause that’s all our bodies do.

– Kerry Jeffery –

Kerry Jeffery is the guest of this weeks episode and the person to ask this question “Why me?”! She is a very strong personage living with 4 chronic diseases herself, is a single mum, and yet empowers others to overcome the challenges of sickness as an online therapist, clinical hypnotherapist, councillor and live coach. She joined us from Melbourne Australia. Stop hiding and start thriving with Kerry!

We discuss:

  how to manage 4 chronic conditions

  how to overcome “why me?”

  how to accept & love oneself regardlessly

  3 practical tips to promote  mental well-being (see below)

Kerry’s 3 practical tips
to promote mental well-being

Kerry shared with me 3 things she learned from living with 4 chronic conditions. All of them can help us tune into ourselves, switch off the monkey mind, reconnect to our essence to promote mental well-being as a key for overall health.

1. Shift from why to how
2. Return to the here and now
3. Talk to yourself in the 
way you speak with others

Get out of your mindset
of blame and sadness.
Otherwise you don’t have the
 emotional strength
to take responsibility
accept it.

– Kerry Jeffery –

It is not your bodies fault!
Your body is doing the best it can.
Start working with your body
and looking after it.
Then you will be able to
whatever your disease is.

– Kerry Jeffery –

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